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The event, organized by ANECPLA, will take place on February 23rd & 24th,
 at the Feria de Madrid (IFEMA) premises
?Experts from all over the world will evaluate risks linked to native and invading plagues and the biological threat of vectorial emerging and re-emerging diseases
? ANECPLA will present the results of a study carried out in collaboration with the Autonomous University of Madrid (UAM) on the evolution on bedbugs in Spain and Portugal along the past decade
Madrid, February 14, 2012.- Along the past years, globalization and climate change have prompted that species already eradicated, such as bedbugs, have turned into a re-emerging plague worldwide and that other invading plagues such as the American cockroach are establishing themselves in Spain, far away from their natural habitat. Just recently, the tiger mosquito, the Argentinian parrot and the red palm weevil have added themselves to the list of invading species in Spain, representing different kinds of health risk to citizens or to biodiversity.
To analyse the impact such plagues and vectors have on public health, Madrid will host next February 23rd and 24th EXPOCIDA IBERIA 2012, a world meeting organized by the National Association of Pest Control Companies (ANECPLA), that will take place at IFEMA’s North Convention Centre in Madrid and that will gather experts and researchers of the plague control and environmental health business.
“Goods and people transit, along with milder winters and shorter reproductive cycles have favoured the spread of new plagues before which we have to be ready to fight against”, states Milagros Fernández de Lezeta, general director of ANECPLA.
Bedbugs’ evolution along the last decade
Also, and within the celebration of EXPOCIDA IBERIA 2012, ANECPLA will make public the results of a research made in collaboration with the Autonomous University of Madrid (UAM), which examines the evolution of bedbug control services in Spain and Portugal along the past ten years. Trains, hotels, shops, hospitals, libraries and many other public spaces have required the services of professional experts to fight this plague which was nearly eradicated from Spain half a century ago and that its now strongly reappearing worldwide.
After the success of EXPOCIDA‘s first edition (2010) with the participation of over 400 professionals, EXPOCIDA IBERIA 2012 will gather again in Madrid national and international experts, researchers, manufacturers and biocide services distributors, clients, Public Administration representatives, licensed practical nurses, scientific community, universities, veterinaries, entomologists from all over the world plus sectorial and general media.
EXPOCIDA IBERIA 2012 pretends as well citizen education and awareness, recognizing the important task that sector businesses and professionals are making in areas such as prevention and projecting a real and updated picture of an industry in constant evolution and more and more professionalized, which has to be constantly adapting itself to new regulations, clients and sectors and even, new plagues.

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